Divine Interventions

The universe always sends you messages
Be it long looks at a favorite picture to remind you of a particular time or place
A longing to read a favorite book or talk to a friend
You are constantly reminded to pay attention to some thought that crosses your mind
The universe never stops telling you “This is what I want you to do”
It even has friends call you out of the blue and tell you how much they enjoyed a piece you wrote
And encourage you to do more
The universe
Is CONSTANTLY at work on who you’re becoming
Thank you

THIS is all Z’s fault

I have a friend named Zaji
Z for short,
I’ve never told her this but she reminds me of Zora Neale Hurston
That spit fire spirit and totally upfront attitude
I can see her at a typewriter in the 30′s just tapping away with her glasses nudged on the bridge of her nose
And shouting at her character “Oh for heaven’s sake leave her already”

Z is more family than a friend

She’s like my sister that I wanna call everyday but I don’t because I think I’m bugging her
Even though I know we talk about the strangest stuff when we do

She’s a writer
A very good one I must say although I am biased
Ok so she writes a blog here on WP
(Yes that was a shameless plug so look her up)
And she had this article called “Wander” or something like that
I can only remember the word Wander right now because I’m in a mood
But I read it like 3 times and I couldn’t get it out of my head
Until this very minute
Z wrote down several places she wanted to visit and why she wanted to go there
What she felt was most important to connect with
And it got me to thinking
Where did I want to go and why
I’ve been to Africa
And to be honest I didn’t really see Africa until after I had been there several times
The last time in 2011
I got to go and see Ghana the way I wanted to
I got to really connect with the feeling of Africa
There are other parts of the continent I want to see like Botswana
But not right now, maybe later

Now I’m going to Europe
I’ve always wanted to go to Paris and Provence
To see the lights and the lavender fields
I want to take pictures of Paris but I want to experience Provence
Something about that region draws me in and makes me feel at home
But then I was reading something and I realized
I’ve always wanted to go to India

Not the crowded streets of the city but the country side where they grow pepper trees and cinnamon
I want to visit an Ashram and pray undisturbed for hours and feel the energy all around me
I want to learn Ayurveda so I can find out how to take care of my body and let it tell me how to care for it
I have long wondered why I wander around the world
And I finally figured out that I am looking for something
Something that can’t be found in one place
Because its scattered all over the world
Bits and pieces of me are reconnecting with the lives I’ve lived before
Reconnecting with the energy of the past and the present
Looking beyond whats in front of me and seeing what my spirit is looking to smile at again
I love to travel
When I grow up I want to do it full time and write about it
Help other people reconnect with that part of them that finds so much joy in discovering what’s out there

I can see the mountains and the trees of India
I can smell the ocean and hear the people
I can feel the sun on my skin and hear the chanting of mantras
I am already there
Thanks Z