From Beneath the Covers

I’m a writer by design

I was born a writer

My life revolves around words, they fascinate me

words can build you up, tear you down, reverse your belief, strengthen your motivations

words can change lives, invigorate ideas and push through dreams to become reality

I’m a writer by design

words are important to me

Unfortunately I struggle with maintaining momentum when it comes to words for my blog

I don’t require immediate gratification so I’ve figured out that my problem isn’t the number of people taking a peek at what I’ve written

I don’t require a huge audience so I’m not influenced by dreams of being picked up by Vanity Fair or Salon and becoming famous, trendy or even socially relevant

So why is it that I can’t get this one little thing done once a week

Well let’s just say I’m lazy

I know its not original but its the truth

all it takes is one shiny object placed near the end of my nose and its a wrap

My ADHD kicks in and I’m off to another round of mental festivities like writing my book or working on my latest seminar

O I’ve got a million things to get done before I can sit down with you guys and just let the words flow unencumbered by vanity or self criticism

But what I’ve discovered is that if I can’t commit to once a week with you guys how can I get commit to finishing a whole novel or a series of lectures or creating the niche where people learn that they are more valuable than they’ve been told by world.on an occasion or two

so here I am

once again

beginning again

(I have begun again so many times I’ve run out of fingers, toes and hairs on my head)

but yet….here I am

plunging into the wilderness of my brain hoping to find something that connects us

so to ease myself into this world I’ve given myself an out so to speak

every two weeks

(I’ve set my alarm to remind me to get it done)

words fail me

which doesn’t happen often

but today

I just don’t have any words that don’t end with

“once upon a time…”

I love words

they fascinate me

let’s just hope I can do them justice